"FOUR STARS...packed with compassion and soul, passion and electricity...A Swig from the Acid Bottle will make you think, will make you move, and will make you want to hear more from Three5Human."
The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ (Jan '07)

"FIVE STARS...Reviving the blues and gospel influences of early R&B combined with modern day edgy hard rock makes this band widely accessible to the general public. Very rarely do I hear a band these days that catches my attention so quickly."
- The Cover Zone (May '07)

"There’s no shortage of passion emanating from Meade and Martin’s performances and, ultimately, that’s what sells A Swig from the Acid Bottle. Anyone who cares about music, especially as a force of change, is strongly encouraged to take a “swig” from Three5Human’s choleric cocktail."
Pop Matters, Chicago, IL (May '07)

"Heartfelt performances and songwriting carry A Swig from the Acid Bottle; it bears qualities everyone can appreciate."
Creative Loafing Magazine, Atlanta, GA (Jan '07)

The Village Voice writer Jeffrey Morgan selected A Swig from the Acid Bottle in his Top Ten of 2006.
The Village Voice, New York, NY  (Jan '07)

"...the kind of power and charisma that should get stadiums to cheer along..."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Access Atlanta, Atlanta, GA  (Mar '07)

"The greatest black rock 'n' roll band in the world."
The Metro Times, Detroit, MI (Jan '07)

"...a blistering and pulsating session of unadulterated, undeniable Rock 'n Roll...with a heavy helping of authentic soul."
The Atlanta Voice, Atlanta, GA (Apr '07)

"The CD rocks. I can't stop listening to it." (Feb '07)

"...Three5Human bring a unique mix of soul to a sound that's normally heard from the likes of Nickelback or Hinder...superb storytelling...lightning riffs...Definitely a refreshing alternative."
Upscale Magazine, National Magazine (Apr '07)

"This black rock band is set to prove good music has no color barrier." (Apr '07)

"You will crave for more and more like an addict. You will find yourself playing the song over and over again—hearing something different each time."
Afro-American, Washington DC (Jan '07)

"[Three5Human] filters Soundgarden's primal immediacy with Rage Against the Machine's energy...This album makes one wonder why more don't know about Three5Human."
Rolling Out, National Weekly (Feb '07)

"FOUR must recognize that each Song on A Swig from the Acid Bottle is 'a hit.'"
Walls of Fire, German Rock Magazine (Jun '07)

"No black band has hit like Three5Human since Mother's Finest at the RockPalast in 1978...A Swig from the Acid Bottle has more power than the best 'black music' of the last two decades combined."
Home of Rock, German Rock Magazine (May '07)

"The CD sounds fresh from beginning to end and maintains it very pleasantly."
Ragazzi, German Rock Magazine (May '07)

"A Swig from the Acid Bottle is a must have." (Feb '07)

“the music is amazing...fused with tons of soul. Highly recommended!”
All Access Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

“What a sound!”
Times Union Press, Albany, NY

"Powerful vocals from Trina combine with solid guitar work from Tomi to deliver a driving wall of sound...Three5Human have a raw energy that commands attention and doesn’t let up."
Black Grooves, Bloomington, IN (Nov '06)

“Go see them. Now!”
Velvet Park Magazine, San Francisco, CA

"Their energy and cohesiveness is so perfect that it comes through in their music...a modern day, rock Public Enemy."
The Indianapolis Recorder, Indianapolis, IN

“The perfect combination of rock and soul”
Ashland Daily, Ashland, OR

“Far from mindless rawk”
Atlantis Music Conference, Atlanta, GA

“Phenomenal lead vocals”
Metroland Online-Live, New York, NY

“Three5Human treat rock and roll as a birthright”
Yes! Weekly, Greensboro, SC

“great songs, incredible vocals and musicianship.”, Los Angeles, CA

“[Three5Human] pushes the listener out of the assumption of what a black artist is.”
Sacramento News Review, Sacramento, CA