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Replication DualDisc* Spindle, Sleeve, Slimline & Clamshell Prices

Qty Spindle Sleeve Slimline Clamshell

2,500 $3,036 $3,236 $3,486 $3,486
5,000 5,448 5,848 6,348 6,348
10,000 10,278 11,078 12,078 12,078

DualDisc Spindle, Sleeve, Slimline & Clamshell package includes:
DVD Hybrid disc (CD on one side, DVD on the other side) with full color one-pass printing on disc

CD side capacity is 60 minutes or 529M
DVD side capacity same as standard DVD-5

Offset printing on disc is the superior printing process for sharper, higher quality images on disc.

Need a graphic designer to assist you with your project?  We've got great graphic artists on staff to assist you with your project! 

Posters, one sheets and stickers are valuable resources to help you promote your project. These are just some examples of the printing work we can do for you.

Need help creating your DVD? We can help you with DVD Menu Creation, DVD Authoring, Video Conversions and more.

No hidden fees!  No additional film, set-up, screen, or master transfer fees added to our prices.  These services are factored into our prices and not added to your order!   Shipping costs and sales tax apply if applicable. All prices are for your supplied press-ready artwork. If your artwork is not press-ready and/or requires additional work then additional fees may apply.

Click here if you need guidance with duplication & printing terms.  If you do not see a package or quantity option that matches your needs, please email us for a custom price quote.

*DualDisc is a registered trademark of RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).




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