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Pricing for Posters, One Sheets, Stickers & T-Shirts

Retail & promotional items can help your project stand out from the rest and get it noticed.  Posters, one sheets, and stickers are great ways to get extra attention for your project.  T-shirts are a great way to promote yourself and also make money at the same time.

Qty Posters One Sheets/Flyers  
100 posters are discounted to $99
with a replication package order.
25 $60 $60
50 75 70
100 125 80
200 190 150
300 270 210
1000 498 425
Qty Stickers
24 t-shirts are discounted to $99
with a replication package order.
1000 $150  
Qty T-Shirts  
24 $180  
72 350  

Poster is 11"x17" full color one side printed on 80# gloss. 

Flyer/One Sheet is 8.5"x11" full color on one side printed on 80# gloss. 

Sticker is one color 1.5"x2". Full color stickers, additional size & dimension options available. 

T-Shirt is 5.5 oz. white tee with one color screen printing. Additional shirt & printing options available. Please contact us for more info.

Click here for graphic art design assistance and pricing.


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