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Order Forms

Complete the Order Forms
B)  Get the shipping cost for shipping your order to you once it's complete.
Create the master disc copy & Design Files Disc
Create the master disc copy that we will use for duplication. Test the master copy to make sure it is playable, error free and properly prepared for duplication. DVD master copies should be created on a -R disc. Create another disc for the art templates, design files and fonts that we need to setup your designs. Or, if we are creating your design for you, then include any information we may need to create your design.  Tips For Properly Creating Your Own Master Disc. NOTE: Your supplied discs are not returned.
Ship Your Order
Be sure that all of the required materials and information needed to process your order are included with your mailing, such as the order form with payment information, IPR form, master disc copy, and design files disc.  Ship your order to the shipping address on your order form.
Plan ahead when scheduling your project by allowing enough time for your order to be processed, proofed, shipped and received.  Anaphora Music will not be held liable for your deadlines not met.
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