July, 2015 - Anaphora is continuing to work on a new website to integrate more products options. We are currently in the design stage. Anaphora has focused on offering quality CD duplication in Atlanta and DVD duplication in Atlanta at an affordible price for over a decade. Our New site will carry forth this commitment with more emphasis on product variety options.
July, 2015 - Our valued clients, please review "Anaphora Discs" on Angie's List and let us know how we did.
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January, 2009 - Anaphora now offers the ultimate DIY resource through its label and distribution services. You no longer need to be signed to a label to get the benefits. Contact us today to learn how to get your CD or DVD product in major retail stores!!
June, 2008 - Anaphora Music recording artist 23 North to release their new CD, "Garden in my Heart." Look for it in stores June 10th.
April, 2008 - Anaphora Music's News&Views™ Blog added to Alltop alongside Rolling Stone, MTV & Billboard music news.  Alltop is a leading aggregator of music news and information.  Check out our blog here.
March, 2008 - USB flash drives, also called "key chain drives" or "jump drives," are now available through Anaphora Music's duplication service. USB drives are a convenient & easy way to store large amounts of data, music or video, and their small size makes them very portable. Read more...
February, 2008 - Ordering with Anaphora Music just got a lot easier!! Customers are now able to immediately purchase the specific package they need by simply clicking its price to purchase. Each price on the Anaphora Music site is linked directly to our secure online store, which makes purchasing very quick and very easy. If you're not sure what you need you can also search by keywords.
February, 2008 - Enhanced CDs are great way to get the most out of your CD project. Anaphora has expanded its Enhanced CD services. Easily find the right package for you and even purchase it online by clicking the package price. Read more...
January, 2008 - Check out Anaphora Music's Online Resource Guide for independent musicians. It's a valuable resource with lots of links to online information providing insight on everything from honing in your songwriting skills to learning how to get distribution for your music.
December, 2007 - Anaphora Music recording artist Big Engine will be featured along with members of Black Sabbath, Dio, Skid Row & Saigon Kick on the new CD, Skater Rock.  The release date is set for March 25th!!
November, 2007 - Anaphora CD & DVD duplication/replication now offers custom T-shirts at great prices & options!  Ask us about our big package discounts with replication orders that include posters, stickers and shirts.
November, 2007 - Mobile users now have easier access to the Anaphora Music site. The new mobile pages feature mostly text for fast downloads, easy viewing and quick access on mobile screens. Check out the mobile pages on your mobile device at Also, don't forget to subscribe to Anaphora Music's RSS feed through our blog, which has quickly become a popular place to visit regularly. Click here to check it out...
October, 2007 - Anaphora Music CD/DVD replication now offers next generation DVDs, including HD-DVD, BluRay & Hybrid discs. These discs are the latest in laser disc technology featuring capacities up to 5 times the amount of standard DVD-5. Hybrid discs, which is a CD on one side and a DVD on the other, provide great flexibility for our replication customers.
Music News & ViewsSeptember, 2007 - Anaphora Music launches News&Views™, a music news blog dedicated to the latest industry news with views written by guest industry professionals. The new blog also includes an RSS feed so you can stay current daily.  Read more...
August, 2007 - Anaphora Music launches WAMR. Click the icon to hear music by some of our recording artists while you browse the Anaphora Music site.  Each song displays the genre, song title & artist. You can learn more about an artist by clicking "info" under the album's artwork. Click here to listen...
August, 2007 - Anaphora Music now offers CD/DVD replication & duplication clients access to our online store. This allows our clients to sell CDs & DVDs worldwide. Anaphora Music is the first duplicator or replicator to offer this service to its clients.  Read more...
July, 2007 - Anaphora Music recording artist Gary Lil G Jenkins has been nominated for Album of the Year  by Southern Entertainment Awards. Read more...
July, 2007 - Due to requests from our clients Anaphora Music now offers 80mm Mini CDs & Business Card CDs at quantities under 1000. Mini CDs & Business Card CDs have become very popular marketing tools by our clients. Anaphora Music's new quantity options provide a valuable resource to our clients, providing additional marketing tools to reach prospective customers. Read more...
June, 2007 - Anaphora Music CD/DVD Manufacturing now provides CD & DVD replication for quantities below 1,000 units. Replication is the retail standard for CDs & DVDs, so these additional quantity options provide a valuable resource for our customers. Anaphora Music has also lowered prices for posters, one sheets and other promotional items.
June, 2007 - The Other Side release date set for June 26th!!  Look for the new solo CD from the trademark voice that sold millions with R&B super group SILK.  Lil G will be appearing on FOX's Good Day Atlanta on release day. Read more...
May, 2007 - Anaphora Music signs multi-platinum recording artist Lil G from the R&B super group SILK.  Look for Lil G's first Anaphora Music release, The Other Side,  to hit stores next month. 
May, 2007 - Anaphora Music signs 23 North, an exceptional Bluegrass band from Western North Carolina.  Look for more news on 23 North in the coming months. More info...
April, 2007 - Rock & Roll Machine, the new CD from Big Engine to be released July 3, 2007. Look for it online at your favorite retailer, in a store near you, or on iTunes.  I'm Ready - Let's Go was featured nationally several times this month on ABC's NBA Countdown.
March, 2007 - Anaphora Music announces current digital music, video and mobile retailers include:  iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo!
Music, Wal-Mart Music Downloads, Musicnet, OD2, Urge, Snocap, Google
Video, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, etc. Anaphora Music’s physical and digital distribution strategically positions the company at retail.
February, 2007 - Anaphora Music announces a national release date of May 1st for Three5Human's new CD, A Swig from the Acid Bottle. The CD will be available at your favorite retailer. It's also available at the Anaphora Music store. Early press reviews are raving about the CD.
February, 2007 - Anaphora Music announces current U.S. physical music and video distribution retailers include: Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Target, FYE, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Sam Goody, VH1 Shop, Yahoo Music, MSN Music, Amazon Worldwide, etc.
February, 2007 - Anaphora Music signs recording artist Big Engine. The first CD to be released on Anaphora, Rock & Roll Machine, was produced, engineered and mixed by Ryan Williams and Jeff Tomei. A feature song has been selected for an independent film to be released in 2007. Read more...
October, 2006 - Anaphora Music recording artist Three5Human has been chosen by Hollywood Records' Indigo Girls to tour in support of their first release on Hollywood.  Three5Human's upcoming CD, A Swig from the Acid Bottle, will be available for the tour dates. Look for it to be released nationally in 2007.

April, 2006Anaphora Music Distribution is excited to see the success that 13 Stories is receiving from its FORD MOTORS commercial that’s blanketing the airwaves.  The commercial is being aired all over the Southeast in heavy rotation, mostly during sporting events like the Atlanta Braves games.  It features CheriD, the lovable front woman for 13 Stories, and the band performing their single, “Beep! Beep!”

January, 2006 - Although Anaphora Music has been successful behind the scenes in the music industry for years, it has announced the official launch of it's Record Label, Music Distribution, and Publishing Divisions.  Anaphora Music has worked with radio promoters, music producers, labels, distributors and retailers in getting recording artists airplay, promotion and sales. 

November, 2005 - An Anaphora Music Production Division recording artist in development was selected for a showcase on FM syndication to over 25 stations nationwide.  Not only did our artist have the distinction of being selected but she also received overwhelmingly positive responses to both of her songs, which were recorded and produced by Anaphora Music.
September, 2005 – Anaphora Music's CD/DVD Duplication Division will now offer video conversion, editing and menu creation to its list of duplication services.  Due to the large volume of tape conversion and DVD creation requests we have added the capability to supply the demand.  This added service is important for our clients because it makes the creation and duplication process easier for them.  Providing this one stop solution for our clients will lower their total turnaround time and cost.  Please contact us for pricing information and further details.