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Tips For Properly Creating Your Own Master Disc

A master disc refers to the disc by which all duplicates will be made. If the master disc has errors, then the duplicated discs will have the same errors. So, your objective in creating your own master is to create a disc that is error free. Below you will find 3 easy steps to help you reach this objective.

Assuming that you are creating the master disc on a computer, make sure that the computer is completely dedicated to recording the master. Make sure you are not connected to the internet and have turned off any screen savers. Close all programs, except for the recording software. Set the recording software to record at the slowest available speed. Whether using a computer or a digital recorder, for the best results, use the newest equipment possible to record your disc and the best media.

When you create your master disc, it can always be read by the CD drive that created it. However, other readers (CD players or CD-ROMs) may not be able to read the disc at all, or read it with errors. The disc must first be "Finalized," or "Closed," in order for other readers to be able to read (play) your master disc. When creating your master disc, there should be an option in your recording software to Finalize or Close the disc after recording it. Be sure you select this option. Once recording begins, the computer should remain untouched until the disc is finished.

Now, test your new master disc copy to be sure it's ready for duplication. First, play the disc on several different readers. Remember, the disc will most likely work on the CD-ROM drive that recorded it, even if other readers cannot. So, test the disc on different readers: your car CD player, boom boxes, home stereo system, other computers, etc. Then, listen to the disc completely and make sure there are not any errors (skips), or if a data disc, view the files or play the movie.

Label the disc with a soft marker, writing directly on the disc. Do not apply a printed paper label to the disc.
Sony/Phillips Red Book Standard specifies that a CD should not exceed 74 minutes and 40 seconds (approximately 650MB).  It is advised that DVDs not exceed 4G.  A standard DVD-R max capacity is 4.3G, not the stated 4.7G. 

Although these tips may be useful, creating CDs and DVDs can be a very technical process. Please contact us if you would like Anaphora Music to create your master disc for you.

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